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What We Do



Concept Fund Services offers services that provide complete administration of all operational functions, including:

  • Accounting and Administration: Maintain books and records, pay bills, maintain general ledger, calculate capital distributions
  • Corporate Actions: Corporate actions processing
  • Data: Data integrity and scrubbing
  • Inventory: Inventory management and maintenance
  • Pricing: Market price conformity
  • Reconciliations: Trade bookings, reconciliations, and electronic confirmation matching
  • Reporting: Mark-To-Market statements as well as daily P&L reporting, comparison, analysis, and NAV calculations
  • Shadow Books & Records: Independently track daily trading profit and loss
  • Financial Statement Preparation: Draft quarterly and annual consolidated financial statements and footnotes, prepare audit-related workpapers

Our team of professionals assists with maintaining compliance as well as with developing and implementing processes and procedures to enhance the efficiency of our clients’ operational structures. We leverage our extensive experience and utilize the best technology to help monitor accounting processes as well as compile and report financial data that enables clients to effectively manage their fund performance.

Our team provides a variety of functions from trade settlement to reconciliation, as well as full financial reporting in a controlled and automated environment—contributing to a high level of transparency for our clients’ investors and other stakeholders.